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Downloader or Link Generator For MIUI Theme.
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* (root required) if you have been installing xposed on your miui rom, you can install this module.. (For MIUI8 or For MIUI7 or below version)
* (root not required/MIUI8)You can use "MIUI Theme Editor" app. you can download it from playstore... (see video how to use it) (Not Work For Some Version of MIUI9 (7.9.22+)) Solution: Update To Latest Version "MIUI Theme Editor".
* Use Custom MIUI rom like miuipro, ,etc .Just install custom rom, you just need to import the theme and apply as usual.

* (Not Recommended) or you can Extract this file (Download) to /system/app
Recommended to use Mobile Browser for better view(Don't use VPN or service which similiar with that)
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